How does it work?

When you sign up for a subscription, you will be charged at the time that the checkout process is completed. Your first package will be shipped the the following month of initial sign up date and recurring months delivered on the 1st week of the month. The subscriptions are set to auto renew each month on the 15th

Whats the cut off date to get into the following months subscription?

All subscriptions placed on or before the 20th of the current month will be in the followings month box. Any orders after the 20th will be the month after that. This just means you wont be charged again until 2 months from now.


How do I change change my address?

Upon check out, you will create an account with us. You can login to change your address. If you come across any problems, email our customer service team, orders@spoiledrotton.com.

How do I cancel a package or change my package?

Upon check-out, you will create an account with us. To cancel, simply go to our website and press the Login link in the top right corner. From here, log in with your account information created at check out. On this page, you can cancel your subscription. When you cancel your subscription, this only prevents it from renewing in upcoming months. You will still receive any packages that you were charged for that have not been shipped yet. If you decide you want to receive packages again from us, simply go to our website and press the Login link in the top right corner, under your account you can reactivate, It will charge upon the next renewal date.

Whats your return policy?


We do not offer refunds only exchanges for store credit. Please use the exchange form found with your order and fill it out. Mail us back the items(shipping back is your responsibility) and we will email you with a store credit code within 3-4 business days. The only time we will honor a refund is if an item from the original order cant be shipped within 90 days.


how long does it take for my order to ship?


we have an average processing time of 3 weeks so delay is normal, but do not worry its usually sooner! We will email you if any item is expected to take longer than the normal processing time. Buyer assumes responsibility of package once received by the post office.

 Have other questions or concerns? Email us!

If you have any questions on your order, and its been longer than 3 weeks please email us at orders@spoiledrotton.com we will respond to your email within 48 hours Monday-friday 8am-4pm.